Beijing Series 2011


Beijing Series 2011
I was able to produce „Beijing series 2011“ thanks to a two-month artist residency
at Alexander Ochs Gallery in Beijing, October / November 2011.

The fantastic studio space made me think big for once and I could realise a 69-piece fan installation I´d had in mind since 2009 when I had worked on my Alice-D in Wonderland playing cards series, but didn´t have the space to install larger work.

The pattern – a combination of playing card joker (male) and Chinese dragon (neuter) grows from the origin, a rosetta (4 fans building a circle on the floor) from fan to fan (carrier: Chinese women fans: a fe centimetres smaller than the larger sized men fans) to the last row and build a big fan, all in all wall-filling 300x 600 cm.

From the details of the single fan to the large-sized installation, the idea of the ornament: a repetitive motive forming a whole, is carried out.

Alice Dittmar