Dead city series


About Dead city series
'Dead city' was originally the title of a drawing series by Egon Schiele. It's about Cesky Krumlov, in the Czech Republic, where Schiele's mother originated from and where he, on his attempts to escape from Vienna, frequently lived and worked until he was jailed and later banished for the crime of sodomy.

In December 2010, in conjunction with six artists from Czech and Austria, I participated in a symposium and artist residency related to this topic at

In preparation for this, for approximately half a year before the residency, I had followed the traces of Egon Schiele in exhibition houses and collections in Munich, London and I had made first visits in Cesky Krumlov. Against the backdrop of the medieval Bohemian Krumlov and the snowy, wintery landscape surrounding us in december, finally in situ, I delved into the history of the location and was occupied with archaeological founds, Victorian literature and Vampire stories, blurry questions of truth and myths, and the figure of Egon Schiele himself: as in other projects I made myself proband and tried to identify with his struggle for identity and rejection, driven by his manic self-reflection, sexual fantasies and artistic passion.

For “they´re gone” I selected my photo archive over the entire research time and revised the photographs with the drawing tool in photoshop, i.e. I made faces and bodies partly unrecognisable in other words I censored / vealed their identity like zombies in a horror movie. The slide show also includes all drawings (ink and ballpoint pen on rice paper) created during the time of the residency.

Our works were exhibited in a subsequent show at Schieleartcentrum as well as at Künstlerhaus Vienna in 2011.

Alice Dittmar