My daily Beijing diary


My daily Beijing diary

Julia Lachenmann, wrote about my work:
„Alice Dittmar is an artist, who practices the art of drawing.
It doesn´t matter in which medium she is just working;
whether she is drawing, photographing, making collages or
intervening a spacial situation, always her deep affinity for pen and paper
is appreciable. Beside her pleasure for "motor micromotion", for putting one
tiny ballpen line next to the other, she is constantly experiencing the
impossibility of the repeat of the same. Also she is experiencing the resistance
of the material and the limits of her physical and psychical energy.”

Sampling and conducting of personally important photo- and textfragments,
excerpts of my personal treasure of cognition, seems to be a well-fitting
expression for my way of finding images and their titles.

The key to all of my pictures are personally experienced stories.
Drawings like mirrorings of my feelings;
Creations soul to head and from head to soul."

I would simply say: As a red line, my life is meandering through my work.

So, lately I did drawings, refering to my three month stay in Beijing with the Red Gate Gallery Residency Program.
From the first of May until late July 2008, I ´ve written down „MY DAILY BEIJING DIARY" in three parts:
first, a kind of subjective documentation in daily written diary words;
second, taking photographs and as a third and most important part, I ´ve tried to lay my thoughts & feelings into my drawings.

Alice Dittmar