Shadowplay_screens III
Shadowplay_screens III
Shadowplay_screens III installation view
Shadowplay_screens III installation view
Shadowplay_screens III
Shadowplay_screens III
Shadowplay_screens III studio view
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Garden of Delete
– Inflections –
curated by Alice Dittmar and Stephan Klee
Venue: Frontviews at HAUNT / yard, Kluckstraße 23 A, D - 10785 Berlin
Duration 07 Jul – 19 Aug 2023

participating artists:
Kate Albrecht Fulton, Alice Dittmar, Delia Jürgens, Leon Manoloudakis, Marie Rief,
Qiu Shihua, and Dimitris Tampakis

In the global culture of forced and constant growth, processes of exhaustion, scarcity or denial are often marginalised as “disturbances” or stigmatised as “counterproductive”.
Although these processes finalise the polarity of the world and are thus in the nature of things, these states usually have negative connotations. Acceptance of finitude is difficult. 
“Garden of Delete” is a group exhibition of seven contemporary artists at HAUNT who approach these phenomena of reduction, simplification and erasure on a visual level. 
In the rooms of our pavilion, a landscape-like parcours ofworks is formed whose radical condensation or reduction of familiar pictorial information culminates
in something that has never existed and never been experienced before. “Garden of Delete” thus aims to bring viewers to this particular tipping point,
 when techniques & strategies of information denial give rise to something radically new in the form of largely self- sufficient things. For richness is hidden in emptiness.